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Rewrite Git History

Changing the Last Commit

If you want to modify your last commit message:

git commit --amend

Rewrite multiple Commit

for that you need to use rebase in interactive mode like this:

git rebase -i HEAD^3

this will open an editor wit list of commit you need to modiy this with needed action to do

Reordering Commit

ON this editor you can invert line to change commit order, git will reaply commit in wew order

Squash & fixup commit

Squash option will merge will merge xommit with the previous and ad commit message in the new commit message

Fixup do same thing put forgot commit message

Splitting a Commit

you can do that with edit command

git rebase will stop after apply commit where you hae put edit

ad this moment you can process to a Head reset and commit when you want to add commit modification like ewample below

git reset HEAD^
git add README
git commit -m 'Update README formatting'
git add lib/simplegit.rb
git commit -m 'Add blame'
git rebase --continue


drop will delete comite rebase will not apply modification during processing to use by example if you have done a modifcation and a revert