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001 Development environment




we need to create a virtual cluster to do test without impact on production.

Virtualisation or Container

Virtualisation provide better isolation but must ressource are needed.
Container able to create more item without consum as resource than virtual machine.

Creation Wrapper

Vagrant is good top manage virtual machine but not a lot of LXC box availlable, Vagant van be use with other configuration manager than ansible. Molecule can manage molecule with plugins molecule-LXD. molecule is ansible exclusive solution


we will use container instead VM for the resource consumption avantage.

Molecule wrapper will be use because all our configuration is already provide by ansible and we can have a better choise of container with molecule than vagrant.


some issue are meet with lxc (share kernel, privilege, plugin not maintain) I have increase RAM on my computer so I can switch to virtual machine for the dev env instead to build vagrant VM in a molecule playbooke we only use a vagrant file to avoid toi many overlay to maintain.


migrate molecule provissioning on dedicated vagrant file