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001 New Nas spec


In progress



  • Data filesytem will be in btrfs.
  • Study if keep root filesystem in EXT4.
  • Need to use LVM over btrfs added posibility to add cache later (cache on cold data useless on beginning maybe write cache in future use).
  • hot Data (nomad, document,fresh download file,music?) on SSD cold DATA on HDD (film, serie photo)
  • at least 2 HDD and 2 SSD


  • network 2.5 gpbs will be good for evolve
  • at least 4go ram (expansive will be appreciable)


be able to install custom linux distrib


  • Due to form factor/consumption and SSD capability my choise is on ASUSTOR Nimbustor 2 Gen 2 AS5402, he corresponding to need and less expensive than a DIY NAS
  • buy only a new ssd of 2to in more to store system and hot data


need to migrate Data and keep same disk

  • install system
  • copy all data from 2to HDD to SSD then format 2to HDD
  • copy download data to FROM 4 to HDD to SSD
  • copy serie to 2to HDD and copy film on external harddrive