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Gandi free email will become a pay service in 2 month.

In this condition it will be interesting to study selfhosted mail solution.

domain name

do I take advantage of this to change domaine name:


  • could test more easy
  • could redirect old domain name to new one untile end of gandi domain (2026)
  • get a more "normal" extention


  • need to progresively update every personal account

Container localisation

on hetzner:

  • need to increase memory

on homelab:

  • need to redirect all serveur flux to hetzner to be sure to be sure that mail will be send with hetzner IP (control PTR on this IP)
  • hetzner will be too a SPOF

software choose

mail server will run in nomad cluster.

docker-mailserver -> 1 container mailu


we will switch to another domain name on "":"" docker-mailserver will be more easier to configure because only one container to migrate to nomad for begining container will be launch on hetzner


  • need to buy a new domaine name and configure DNS (done)
  • inprove memory on corwin (done)